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Douglas Younglove and the other criminal defense lawyers at the Younglove Law Firm are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of handling bench warrants and extradition matters.


Judges can order bench warrants for defendants who for whatever reason fail to show up to court. Depending on the circumstances, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have had much success in getting bench warrants quashed and having the underlying criminal case place back on the active calendar, sometimes without the client having to first appear in court.


We can also appear with our clients at Motion to Quash hearings and arrange the obtaining of the most favorable release conditions.


Extradition hearings also require highly skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys to protect your legal rights. The Younglove Law Firm has the qualifications to offer the most effective, professional legal representation obtainable in these areas of criminal law.


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Protect your legal rights by contacting a Phoenix Arizona criminal defense attorney skilled in the areas of bench warrants and extradition today at (602) 434-2623. Your case is too important to settle for anything less than excellent legal representation. Douglas Younglove, an experienced defense lawyer, will walk you through the process and put the law back on your side. No one takes your case more seriously than we do. The prosecution may rest, but we never do.

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