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Sex Offenses in Arizona usually involve sexually related offenses such as sexual assault, sexual abuse, child molestation, child pornography, sexual conduct with a minor, and indecent exposure.

Sexually related offenses are typically some of the most serious allegations the State can accuse an individual of. Statutory Penalties for these offenses are typically harsh and often include long periods of incarceration even for first time offenders. Probation with sexual offender terms can include lifetime probation, community notification, registration, ban on internet access, etc.

Often charges of this nature are fabricated, originate from a family custody dispute, or reflect a case of extreme vindictive retribution. There often is more to the story than just the law enforcement version of events.

If you need a Sex Crimes Attorney in Phoenix or a Criminal Lawyer in Arizona to defend against charges of this nature, please CONTACT US immediately at the Younglove Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation or to speak with an attorney in Phoenix experienced in this area.

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