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Pre Charge Cases, Criminal Lawyer Phoenix


In the event you find yourself the focus of a police investigation or are questioned by law enforcement regarding a potential crime, it is imperative that you contact the Younglove Law Firm immediately. There are important methods that may be utilized to help you avoid criminal charges from ever being filed at all, or to minimize the severity of the charges so that if charges must be filed against you, they are not unfairly exaggerated or blown out of proportion.


Our law firm has employed various successful efforts for previous clients that can achieve desired results for you, such as;


-Contacting the investigating authorities and presenting information that may give them a different perspective.


-Representing and acting as a conduit between you and prosecuting agencies for the presentation of sensitive information that might relieve or benefit you.


-Arranging for a confidential polygraph examination yielding results that might be used to avoid criminal charges from ever being filed, or exonerate you in the event you currently face charges. Such test results would be and remain confidential in nature and only be disclosed if and when it is in your best interest to do so.


-Insist that you to allowed to give information to any Grand Jury that might consider an Indictment against you, thereby giving you critical imput that could determine whether or not you ever face criminal charges at all.


If you or a friend/loved one are faced with the possibility of criminal charges being filed against you, contact us immediately.


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