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The Younglove Law Firm has years of experience representing clients facing charges of domestic violence in Arizona. If you or a friend-loved one are charged with or are under investigation for a domestic violence offense, or any criminal offense in Arizona, contact the Younglove Law Firm immediately to protect your legal rights.

Do not attempt to resolve a domestic violence matter yourself by contacting or attempting to contact the alleged victim or victim’s family in a domestic violence situation. That contact or attempt may result in additional criminal charges, or a revocation of any established pre-trial release conditions.

Domestic Violence offenses in Arizona is a statutory designation that applies to a range of criminal offenses; from violating an Order Against Harassment all the way up to murder. The Domestic Violence (DV) designation applies when there is a relationship link between the accused and the victim; such as marriage, dating, and family. It applies to spouses and ex-spouses, partners and ex-partners, parents and children, parents and adult children, and other family or relationship matters.

The Domestic Violence tag often applies to a husband-wife during a divorce or separation situation, in a parent/child crime such as child abuse, in an elder abuse context or allegation. Typical domestic violence accusations include assault, child abuse, violations of Orders of Protection, and extended family disagreements.

Often the State of Arizona will prosecute a domestic violence case even when the alleged victim does not want criminal charges to be pursued. The consequences of a domestic violence criminal charge can be quite severe, including domestic violence probation, severance of parental custody or visitation rights, fines, jail time, and prison for the most serious matters.

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