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If you or a friend-loved one have been charged or is under investigation for a computer crime, allegedly committed over the internet or by use of a computer, you need an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney skilled in the area of computer crimes to represent you. Contact the Younglove Law Firm immediately to protect your legal rights.

Computer crimes fall into a specific category and include charges of; Identity Theft, Internet Gambling, Credit Card Fraud, Child Pornography, Child Solicitation and Internet Fraud.

Specialized computer forensic examinations and experts are often needed to exonerate clients accused of computer crimes. The Younglove Law Firm professionally associates with experts in this technical field, and can enlist their expertise to assist you in protecting your legal rights.

Computer crimes are an area of criminal law that is rapidly evolving. To properly defend a charge of any computer crime, it is imperative that you retain a lawyer experienced and skilled in the handling of charges of this nature.

Various defenses can be asserted against charges of computer crimes. Shared access, multiple IP addresses, unauthorized access, and other potential defenses can be built if appropiate.

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